I’m happy that I’m learning to experience joy when interacting with people who view things differently than me. My favorite question has lately been why? Recently I’ve learned that it’s not too important to have people agree with me but when they don’t - actually even when they do - I’m interested in knowing why. Conversation has always been super important to me and I’ve learned that the point of the whole act is to bring people to higher levels of understanding. I’m interested in people and I’m interested in their opinions and their perspectives and points of views on things because it helps me understand more of their experience which in turn allows me to understand more of mine. Pursuing why has lately been important to me because I’ve never been the type to just accept things. I like to be convicted about what I believe so that I can share that with other people and continually grow as a being and learn from others and their experiences, beliefs etc. Although our society doesn’t seem to understand as a greater whole, I think it’s pretty rad how we as beings are so connected, not only to each other but to all beings that have ever existed and will ever continue to exist. I know it’s a lot to swallow but that’s why we all have our own lifetimes to figure it all out.